Introduction to Batto-do


Would you like to try batto-do and see if it’s for you? Anyone aged 18 and older is welcome to visit the dojo for an introductory lesson. There is no charge for the lesson, but you will be asked to pay $10 to cover the cost of the tatami mat you’ll be cutting. Yes, you can try tameshigiri (test cutting) using a real katana on your first day. The shibucho (branch chief) will help you handle the katana safely so you can see what it feels like to make your first cuts. No special equipment is necessary; just wear comfortable clothes that let you move easily. It’s perfectly fine if you’ve never set foot in a dojo before; no martial arts experience is necessary. Please just notify me before your visit so I can make sure to have enough tatami on hand, using the contact form below. [Note: schedules may change to suit students’ availability, but for now practices are held 1-2 Saturdays a month from 3-5pm.]

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