Mission Statement of the Japan Batto-do Federation

*The following is the Shishinkai founder’s translation of the Mission Statement (綱領) of the Japan Batto-do Federation (日本抜刀道連盟) as published in the Federation’s Book of Instruction (教本), 4th edition, last revised April 2010. The translation aims to be faithful to the spirit of the original, and as such some liberties have been taken in order to present this text in English. The original Japanese text appears below.

Mission Statement

With the understanding that providing a path for human development and fostering respect for the Japanese sword are its twin pillars, the aim of this federation is to temper the minds and bodies of its members through training in the practical skills of ancient Japanese sword techniques. Furthermore, we endeavor to establish harmonious and cooperative relations of trust among our members. By the means of contributing to the formation of the character of each member, as well as promoting true batto-do both within Japan and around the world, this federation aims to contribute to world peace and friendship.

Japan Batto-do Federation
A Non-Profit Organization